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Our Community

About Copiague

Link to 2012 Memorial Day Parade (photo’s by Jack Brolly – A Beautiful Day Photography)

Copiague is an unincorporated place within the Town of Babylon. Once a thriving Italian community, part of Copiague was named after Marconi. Today ethnic makeup of the hamlet is quite diverse, making Copiague a rich cultural nexus. With a relatively large Polish-American population, Copiague’s population also consists of a large number of Hispanic-American residents. In recent years, the Danish population of Copiague has risen greatly as well.

North Amityville is on one of Copiague’s borders and uses Copiague Schools. The Copiague Public School District is composed of a multi-cultural population of about 4,560 students. The school system consists of three elementary schools, a middle school, and one high school for grades nine through twelve. The Copiague Public School District prides itself on its ability to offer quality educational programs to all.